The Challenger Waste Oil Burner

Challenger Wast Oil Burner 1Heat your shop for FREE.

After years of research, development, and testing we’re proud to bring the Challenger Fabrication Waste Oil Burner to market. Our burner replaces the burner in your existing oil, gas, wood or coal fired furnace.

The Challenger Waste Oil Burner uses waste automotive or vegetable oil to heat your shop, virtually for free. Our waste oil burner saves you money initially by using your current heating system, then over time by eliminating fuel cost.

Direct bolt on for systems currently using a “gun” type burner. With versatile mounting flange making it possible to mount to any chamber with minor modification.

Backed by a one-year warranty. Proudly made in the USA. Made in the USA

Contact us if you have any questions about using our burner in your current heating system.


Challenger Wast Oil Burner 2Specifications

  • Utilizes waste automotive or cooking oil
  • Ready to Use, not a kit that requires assembly.
  • Brand new burner with one year guarantee.
  • 125,000 BTU Output.
  • No special filtering of oil required.
  • Low or no yearly maintenance cost required.
  • Unique process of heating oil that avoids nozzle blockage by particles of burnt oil.

What’s required to use our burner…

  • 120 volt ac powerCompressed air
  • Fuel tank
  • Electric fuel supply pump

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Do It Yourself

The waste oil burner is available as a complete unit – ready to use. We also offer the burner as a kit to convert your own burner, helping you save even more money. Use your current working Beckett AFG oil burner and convert it to waste oil. Our kit includes everything you need. It’s easy to assemble for someone mechanically inclined. Only hand tools and a drill are needed.


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